Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Sealing

 It was so hard to fall asleep last night knowing that when I woke up today I would be getting married. I was so excited & full of anticipation. I finally fell asleep around 12:30 & was up at 6:30 am. Autumn & I came back to our house (we had slept over at Mom & Dad's) to get cleaned up and ready for the day. Frank & I both kept looking at each other and saying with big cheesy grins on our faces, "we're getting SEALED today!!!"

 Nate came & picked up Frank in the Corvette at 8:00 and we were on our way to the temple! That's a big deal, b/c he had just worked the night shift and only got 2 hours of sleep. Poor Nate!
 Christy & Autumn came with me, and we made it to the temple in plenty of time. It was crazy to give Autumn a hug goodbye and tell her that when I see her in a few hours that Frank & I will be married! I'm thankful to Christy & Autumn for watching the little kids that came w/ their parents that couldn't go in.

I found this BEAUTIFUL picture on my cell phone camera roll at the end of the day. I had given my phone to Autumn so she could play games on it while she waited. I think Christy snapped this picture of her for me.

Obviously I can't talk too much about the sealing other than to say that it was absolutely incredible. The Spirit was so strong and I could NOT STOP CRYING!!! I was thinking of all the times that I sat in the celestial room just pleading w/ Heavenly Father to send me a worthy Priesthood holder. All the times I walked past the bride's room wondering when it would be my turn. All the tears that were shed b/c the righteous desires of my heart were not being fulfilled. All of that sadness & sorrow & heartache were completely replaced today. Frank & I had the celestial room all to ourselves for a few minutes before the sealing and I was just in awe at all of my Heavenly Father's blessings. How those 9 years of being a single divorced Mom were for my good & my benefit to learn the things that I couldn't have learned in any other way.

Almost every single seat in the sealing room was full & there weren't very many dry eyes. Kneeling across the altar from Frank & looking into his eyes as we made ETERNAL COVENANTS is something I will never forget. We're so thankful to everyone that was able to be there with us.

YAY!!! We did it! We made it!

It was such an HONOR to have Pres. W perform our sealing. They are such close family friends & even grew up w/ my parents. He did a WONDERFUL job and didn't give us any advice. Instead he talked about all the covenants we make, how important they are, and how they ALL point to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  I'm so thankful for my Autumn Girl, and that she's been the one that wanted Frank & I to get married. Her life is about to change drastically, but she keeps saying it's what she wants and that she's ready for Frank & his kids to join our family. Aunt Sandy was an angel & made Autumn her own special bouquet to hold.

I'm sad that Lexie, Jon, their boys, Mom & Dad couldn't be here today to celebrate with us. But we know they would be here if they could & that they're with us in spirit. Both Frank & I said we know there were people from the other side (like my best friend Tara & his best friend Matt) that were there, not to mention family members that have already passed on.

It was so special to be looking at Pres. W and to see Nick on one side & Nate on the other to act as our witnesses. Nate was also Frank's escort, which Nate said was a huge honor for him.

 Liz was my escort & helped to keep things fun & lighthearted. She asked what she could do to help & I told her I was really hot & sweaty. So, she picked up the bottom of her dress and stood there and fanned me. We were *quietly* laughing so hard! I just love her. Plus, today is her BIRTHDAY!!! What a friend to share her special day w/ me.

I ADORE this picture!

Eternal Partners

Sealed together for time AND ALL ETERNITY!

"The most important single thing that any Latter-Day Saint ever does in this world is to marry the right person, in the right place, by the right authority." ~ Bruce R. McConkie

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sooooo happy for you! You are a beautiful bride!!