Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Moments

 Today was one of my busy Sundays, b/c we got all of our visiting teaching visits done today. It was nice to sleep in a little bit, and Frank got up and made eggs & bacon for breakfast. I got cleaned up and then went visiting teaching at 11:30 while he stayed home & got the kids ready to go. As soon as I got home, we loaded in the truck and headed to church.

I got to teach in Relief Society and chose to talk about ordinances & covenants. I think it went well and we had a lot of comments and even a few tears from people sharing tender feelings. We hurried home, Frank & I threw together some baked chicken fajitas (they ended up tasting awesome & we will for sure make them again), and then our home teachers came at 5:00. I had to leave at 5:20 to make it to 2 more visiting teaching appointments. I was starvin' Marvin when I got home.

 It was fun to come home & see Spencer & Frank laying on the bed talking together. I know Frank misses these boys soooooooooo much when they're gone for 2 weeks. This is the first summer they've been on this "2 weeks on, 2 weeks off" schedule.

 I was showing Frank how to turn Autumn's expander on her Herbst and he wanted to give it a try. He's such an involved & caring Dad. When he left on Friday night, Autumn was standing in the doorway and she said, "bye, Dad! I love you!" He grabbed his heart & looked like he was about to cry. It meant so much to him that she would on her own call him Dad.

 He had gotten a slide projector & some old slides when he was home over the weekend. We projected them onto the wall in the living room, and it was so cool to see some pictures of his family. Some of them are before he was even born!

The boys were LOVING getting to see Grampsy & Grannymom when they were younger. What a fun trip down memory lane. We had quite the fun filled weekend, and I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

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