Monday, July 24, 2017

Best FHE Ever

 As soon as Frank got home from work & got cleaned up, we hopped in the truck and headed to the park. We told the kids we had an AWESOME Family Home Evening planned for them.

 We LOVE being able to get FREE In-N-Out for dinner to feed our hungry kids! Looks so good (the food, too ... LOL).

 So grateful for fun friends.

 Our group kept growing, and we LOVE it!

 The musical group that performed was AWESOME! They played a lot of old classics & some fun current songs. It was really high energy & they came out onto the grass to interact w/ the crowd. Olivia (in the pink dress) wasn't afraid at all & she walked right up to the singers & danced w/ them for most of the songs. Then Mason (in all red) was right down there having the time of his life & not even caring if anyone was watching. So fun!

 They had a contest in the middle of the concert to give the performers a break. They asked for 5 Dads to come up, and Frank & Nate were 2 of the 5. They played Simon Says to win prizes, and it came down to Nate & Frank! Frank ended up winning this awesome blow up chair. Nate got a consolation prize of a hat & tshirt since he's a policeman. LOL! We were all hottin' & hollerin' & cheerin' for them.

 The boys were still hungry so they went to get another bag of chips, & the In-N-Out truck was wanting to pack up and leave so they were telling people to take whatever they wanted. The boys came back w/ their arms FULL of chips & drinks.

The evening ended w/ us all down near the front doing the "Cupid Shuffle." Then for the last song of the concert there were fireworks going off above the trees. Talk about an incredible way to end the night! The kids on the whole walk back to the truck & the whole ride home kept saying how this was the best FHE ever!

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