Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cutting Up Trees & A Honduran Meal

 Nate came over this morning about 8:10 & brought the best doughnuts & kolaches in town.

 On Sunday night a storm went through the area & ended up knocking down a big section of one of Mom & Dad's crepe myrtle trees! We're so thankful & blessed that it fell the way it did instead of falling into the house!!!

 Nate took the kids over there this morning to cut it up & haul it out to the curb for bulk trash pick up day.

 They swam for a little bit after working hard to cool off. Then they went over to Nate & Riannon's to hang out & have some lunch. Spencer was a good sport & let Autumn & Olivia do his hair AND MAKE UP! LOL.

 They even had time to stop by the library and do some reading and look at some books.

 Things were crazy the second that I got done w/ work. I rushed to WalMart to get some groceries for the missionaries. They said that instead of us making them dinner tonight, they wanted to make us dinner! I got home from WalMart right as they pulled up. We took all the groceries in the house & got right to work making dinner.

 I was really worried what it would taste like, b/c it was a hodgepodge list of ingredients. Elder B (from Honduras) made us a DELICIOUS meal. It ended up being fried corn tortillas for the base. Then a beef, potato, corn, and carrot type stew on top of that. Then a cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and lime/vinaigrette salad on top of that. Then for the dressing it was a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, lime juice, and water. Everyone RAVED about how amazing it was.

After dinner, the missionaries taught Susan a lesson and then they had to run to their next appointment. Frank volunteered to go w/ them if they wanted him to. They were THRILLED to have him, & he was THRILLED to go w/ them. He's such a HANDSOME missionary. I cleaned up the hot mess that was the kitchen, and then went and laid on my bed and watched TV until he got home. He said the visit went super well. YAY!

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