Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hottie Husband & Hairdo's

 I had my annual check up & blood work done this morning. Everything came back clear & good! YAY! I'm thankful for modern medicine & all it can do.

 I love it that Frank will randomly send me a picture of himself at work. He knows pictures are one of my love languages. I'm thankful for him & all of the HARD HARD work he does for us!

When he got home I let him decide if he wanted to just veg at home or go out. He said he wanted to try some BBQ, so we went to Rudy's. We tried their ribs, but weren't overly impressed w/ them. Our favorite was the Rudy's chopped sandwich & the creamed corn. After dinner we stopped by a grocery store to get a few things we needed. Then we came home & watched Ever After (the one w/ Drew Barrymore). It's such a good movie & we were both quoting it together. Frank is so stinkin' handsome & I just look at him sometimes & wonder how on Earth I ever got to be so lucky to be married to such an incredible man. Like I tell him all the time ... he was more than worth the 9 year wait! 

 Autumn had a blast at Lexie's today, b/c she got to do her hair. Autumn LOVES to do hair & wants to be a hairdresser/beautician when she grows up.

 I can see her being very successful at it. She's very good & has a great eye for detail. I need to remember to let her play w/ my hair more b/c it's relaxing & feels good & she loves to do it.

Uncle Jon is so fun & busted out some glow sticks tonight so the kids could jump on the trampoline & make it special. I'm thankful she's being so well taken care of!

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