Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Contacts, Food, Fun, & Family

 We woke up to an awesome thunder/rain storm this morning, which was cool. We all got up, got ready, I made pancakes, and then we hit the road. Frank had an eye appointment to get his eyes checked & to also get new contacts. He hasn't had new ones in almost TWO years, so it was more than passed time for that. While he was busy doing that, I walked w/ the kids over to a bookstore to kill some time. The boys were tired so they laid down on the floor & caught some Z's.

 Autumn & I found a book of not very well known fairy tales and took turns reading them to each other. Her reading has improved by leaps & bounds in the past year, and I attribute that to us reading the Book of Mormon together almost every night.

 After Frank's appointment, we headed towards the mall. But, we didn't want to have to pay mall prices for lunch, so we stopped at Wendy's instead.

 We walked around the mall & had about an hour and a half to kill, and we walked past Dave & Buster's. Frank & the boys had never been so we went to check it out. We ended up getting some cheap passes for the kids to play some games. This air hockey game where all 4 of them could play against each other was fun.

 Of course the boys wanted to shoot some hoops.

Autumn & Mason had fun battling it out with Dance Dance Revolution.

Frank & I were tired and wanted to talk for a minute, so we laid down in these chairs that simulate a hurricane. LOL. I am beyond thankful for this incredible man and his spirit of fun & spontaneity.

He used to own a motorcycle many moons ago, and he really misses it. He looks so good on a motorcycle!

After all of the fun at Dave & Buster's, we used 2 gift cards we had to go and see the new Transformers movie. It was good, and felt like it was a really long movie. Frank is so nice & even splurged on drinks & popcorn (I'm a cheapskate & usually don't do that).

We got home & everyone spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and resting. It was a non-stop day full of food, fun, & family.

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