Friday, August 4, 2017

Lunch Date With My Babe

 Frank texted me today around lunchtime to ask if he could take me out on a lunch date. OF COURSE I said yes! We ended up going to Taco Bell b/c it was close and fast. It was so wonderful to sit & hold hands while eating and talking. I LOVE getting to connect w/ him during the day when we're not interrupted by kids. We get to focus on just each other. I also have to mention that while I was at my RS meeting last night, he fixed his truck and he also fixed the chain on the garage door that was making a horrible noise. He is so knowledgeable about practical things and was able to save us a bunch of money by fixing those things himself. WHAT.A.GUY!!!

It was a mad rush this morning to get Autumn dropped off at her babysitter, Spencer at his babysitter, and Olivia at her daycare. Then the same thing after work to go & pick them all up. We hurried home, I rushed and made dinner, and we ate together before Frank & the boys had to leave. Frank has to take them back to OK since Julian & Mason will be starting school there soon. We will miss having them around so much.

Frank gave the 3 boys a father's blessing, and that was so special to listen to. It's such a neat & special way to start a new school year. Once we got them out the door, we spent the rest of the evening keeping Spencer & Olivia entertained. Autumn was so happy that she got to rock Spencer to sleep. After we got him to sleep, we watched a movie w/ Olivia and then we all called it a night. Autumn was happy that she got to sleep in bed w/ me since Frank was in OK.

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