Saturday, August 5, 2017

Older Kids, Younger Kids, & A Baptism

 I'm so glad Frank was able to spend time w/ the kids today. They went and got breakfast and went over to Marissa's new apartment.

 Then they went & got some tires put on Grant's truck b/c they have no tread! I'm glad Frank's looking out for the family in OK. He also mowed the lawn for his parents.

 Back here in TX, we got up & took Autumn to cheer practice. Then we came home, got some things done, hung out, and went to pick her up. I didn't even get out of my pajamas. LOL!

 We gave the kids a bath to kill some time, and to get them all nice and clean. Spencer loves it and was splashing around & laughing like crazy. It was so cute.

 We got cleaned up around 3:00 so we could make it to a baptism at 4:00. It was for the daughter of a lady in our ward that was recently baptized herself. Even though it was hard to wrangle Spencer & Olivia, I'm glad we went.

 We are so GRATEFUL for Bishop & ALL he does for us. He made it a special point to talk to Autumn & ask her how she's doing. He also commented on how grown up she's becoming.

I told these girls that I wanted a picture of them, b/c when they're in Young Women's and try to be bratty or mean to each other I'll bust out this picture and remind them that they're friends. LOL. They really are sweet girls and I'm thankful Autumn has such great friends at church. 

 I noticed during the baptism that we had 4 ladies in the room that have been (or currently are) the Relief Society President. I asked them all after the baptism if we could get a picture of them together. They each have such different strengths & talents, but they're all such INCREDIBLE women. I'm thankful that I get to associate w/ such wonderful women of faith.

I don't know if I'm brave or just crazy, but I took all 3 kids to WalMart b/c we needed to get some groceries. It actually ended up being fine b/c Autumn is such a good helper. I have so much respect & admiration for Mom's who do this on a regular basis. They look at me & think they couldn't be a Mom & work full time outside of the home like I do. But I look at them & think that I couldn't be a full time stay at home Mom. Basically, Mom's are FABULOUS & we need to pat ourselves on the back more often for all that we do.

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