Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Does It Mean To “Beat A Record”?

P1080447 Nick was so annoyed last night that the election coverage made him miss watching TMZ.  LOL!  One good thing about election time is that the price of gas drops dramatically.  I was happy to fill up my tank today for just $3.08/gallon instead of $3.58.  Kind of a sad commentary that I’m happy to pay more than $3.00/gallon when I paid 99 cents/gallon in high school.  But, I’m not complaining and am happy to have the prices drop.

P1080451 Tonight after dinner Autumn wanted to show me how she climbs even further up the ladder and can reach out and touch the window sill.  She’s gotten a lot more brave than she was on Saturday.  Papa told her to try and break her record, but she didn’t want to go any higher.  Once she climbed down and we were in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner dishes I overheard her ask Papa, “what is a record?”  LOL!  It’s funny how we just assume that kids know what we mean.  He proceeded to explain to her what a “record” is and how it’s beat.

I didn’t get any pictures of our YM/YW combined activity tonight (shocking, I know).  We had each class bring 4 dozen cookies or brownies or baked goods.  We made those into 5 heaping platters of goodies that we took around w/ a big poster board card to the 5 fire stations we have in our area.  We thanked the firefighters for all they do for our community.  Some of the groups said that they got to go in and get a tour of the fire house.  The one we went to just had one guy come to the door, he took the treats, said thanks, and that was it.  It took all of about 20 seconds.  Oh, well.

I got back to Mom & Dad’s house around 8:30 and Mom had already put Autumn to bed b/c she was so tired.  So, Mom & I ate some peppermint ice cream, and watched the most recent recorded episodes of Modern Family & Big Bang Theory.  SO FUNNY!  Since I wasn’t about to wake the sleeping bear, we just spent the night there.

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