Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goodbye Riannon & Olivia! We’ll Miss Y’all!!!

P1110849 Tonight for dinner we met Riannon, Olivia, Mom & Sis. Wright at Zoe’s for dinner.  This is what Riannon picked as her “last supper” in the US since she & Olivia are flying back to Spain tomorrow.  We love their Greek chicken pita here and always ask for extra grilled onions b/c they are so good.  Sis. Wright was w/ them b/c she’s been over at the house sewing all day yesterday & today.  It was such a fun dinner w/ such lovely ladies.

P1110855 Olivia has really grown and changed a lot in the month that they’ve been here.  Her little personality is starting to come out.  We’re going to miss her sweet smile and baby chatter.

P1110860 After dinner, we all went over to Hobby Lobby.  Riannon needed to get some ribbon for a craft project she was finishing up.  Autumn & I went over to the Project Life section & I found a bunch of themed card packs on clearance for just $1.75 each!!!  We said our goodbyes b/c they were going back to Mom’s house & Autumn and I came home.  We got some much needed cleaning done, and I got Autumn to bed at her usual time.


IMG_3839 Look at home much my baby has grown!!! The picture on the left is from Sept 4, 2010.  The picture below is from today!  Sorry it’s blurry but I had to include it, b/c I remembered I had taken a picture of Autumn next to this alien that was designed after Papa (bald head, glasses, suspenders) and thought it would be fun to do a side by side comparison.  The reason we were even at the clinic was that Mom wanted to have Olivia weighed to see how much she has gained in the month they’ve been here.  She now weighs 15 lbs.

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