Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy 59th Birthday, Papa!!!

IMG_2503We had to be up bright and early this morning to make it to the location for cheer pictures.  They took individual shots of each of the girls, all the girls together, and then all the girls with the football players.  What a great looking crew!

IMG_2509 After cheer pictures, we went over to the field for the football game.  The team that Autumn was on last year had just finished there game, and it was fun to go say hi to all of them.  The girls were so happy to see Autumn & there were hugs all around.  We miss them, but they practice on Sundays and we don’t do that.

IMG_2514 It was a COLD and windy 56 degrees, so the girls were all huddled up together before the game started.

IMG_2519 Autumn’s coach has each girl take a turn leading the cheer.  This one is “push ‘em back, push ‘em back, WAAAAAY back!”  Pictures like this just make me smile b/c I can see her natural leading ability shining through.

IMG_2532 This girl on her team was super cold, so Autumn had her do jumping jacks w/ her so they could stay warm.  Autumn is such a natural nurturer, too.

IMG_2537 “Split that V! Dot that i.  Rock that C-T-O-R-Y! Victory, Lions! Victory!”

IMG_2543 Huddle up!

IMG_2555Making a bridge is her latest trick that she loves to do.

IMG_2556 After the game, we went over to Mom & Dad’s house to celebrate Dad’s 59th birthday.  Dad requested rouladen, mashed potatoes and gravy, and asparagus.  For dessert he wanted homemade banana cream pie.  Mom & I make a good team and got all that food knocked out in a few hours.  For his gift I printed off a book of stories of his Dad’s stories and a book of his Mom’s stories.  It was definitely a labor of love, but it was such a small thing compared to all he does for us.  We are blessed beyond measure to have him for our Dad & Papa. 

We were teasing him that he’s falling apart.  He sliced his finger open a few days ago and had to get 8 stitches (which is why it's got a brace on it), and I removed a stitch on his face today from a skin biopsy (which is why he has a piece of steri strip tape above his lip). Even though he's falling apart (LOL ... not really), we still LOVE him to the moon and back!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

IMG_4674Mom & Dad had Autumn spend the night so I could go and chaperone a youth dance.  The theme was Back To School & the food table was so cute & clever.
Freshman fish (goldfish crackers) , Sophomore s'mores, Junior mints, and Senior cookies.  I took an awesome book called “Walking On Water” by S. Michael Wilcox and read that while I sat near the exits and made sure the youth were behaving themselves.  It was nice to come home after the dance and sleep in my bed all by myself since Autumn was at Mom & Dad’s.

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