Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Temple Marriage Time Capsules

 Tonight for Young Women's the Beehives we were combined and the Beehives were in charge. Sis. C is a wedding planner and went all out to make it a special event. She had all the supplies prepared for the girls to make their own temple marriage time capsule. There were papers they could fill out about what qualities they are looking for in a husband, what they want at their reception, etc. She also had the Bishop write a letter about the importance of temple marriage.

 She had this awesome display set up w/ a wooden block for each girl that had a picture of their favorite temple on it! She even had ordered a small wedding cake!

 It was fun to go around to each table and talk to the YW and see what they want for their receptions. Autumn liked flipping through the magazines w/ me and we both decided AGAINST this weird looking hat. LOL!

After the activity we had the wedding cake & cupcakes for refreshments. It was a wonderful activity, and I'm so thankful to Sis. C for all the hard work and effort she puts in to making the activities fun. I'm such a minimalist so it's nice to have her do fancy things like this every once in a while. After the activity we helped clean everything up and take it out to her car. What a fun & spiritually uplifting evening!

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