Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017

 Frank got up this morning & went to pick up the boys at 8:00 am since it's Father's Day and we get to have them until 6:00 pm today. They weren't dressed at all to go to church, but that doesn't really matter. We all loaded in the cars and headed off to church. We only stayed for sacrament meeting, and it was so nice to be all together as a family. 

 We gave Grampsy a card signed by all of us along w/ a big huge case of Diet Coke since he's our favorite "pop."

 We were supposed to meet up w/ Frank's cousin and his kids at the park for a big picnic. However, the weather was like this all day where it just rained and rained. Plus, there was lightning so we ended up having to cancel.

 Instead, we just hung out at GrannyMom & Grampsy's and had our picnic there. We had rolls, meat, cheese, chips, drinks, and dessert. It was a yummy lunch.

 The rain eventually cleared out, and Grampsy was telling us how they used to go "fishing" for crawfish in the yard. So, we decided to give it a try.

 You tie meat (or in this case a pork rind) to the end of a string and put it down in the hole. The crawfish grabs a hold of it, and you slowly pull it up until you can reach down and catch the crawfish. We got so close, but then one of the dogs would run up and it would go back into his hole.

 Mason decided he had had enough of that, and just stuck his hand down in the hole to try and catch it. He never was able to get it. But the kids had fun trying.

 I had no idea that Grannymom was so musically talented! She busted out this flute & a harmonica that she used to play. She's still good!

 She also plays the accordion and gave us a little private concert.

 Frank's brother, Johnny, and his 2 kids stopped by to say hi & wish Grampsy a Happy Father's Day. Of course we fed them and then sat and visited for a while.

We finally loaded our stuff into the car & left at 3:30 so we could get home at a decent hour. It was sad saying goodbye to the boys, but we're excited to see them again soon. Frank & I had an in depth discussion about life & finances & spirituality & all sorts of other things on the way home. It was really good & made me love him even more. Autumn finally gave up playing games on my phone & took a nap.

It's crazy to think of what Father's Day 2016 was like, and how different Father's Day this year is. I am beyond thankful for Frank in my life. He is such an INCREDIBLE example to me of a kind & loving Father. He is sooooooo good to my Autumn Girl & treats her like his own princess. I'm thankful for Grampsy & the example he is of a kind & loving patriarch. I see a lot of where Frank gets his goodness from.

I'm also beyond thankful for my own Dad. We tried to call & talk to him several times, but the call kept dropping b/c we were in a spotty area. It's thanks to him & his example that I didn't "settle" for 9 years & finally knew Frank was the one when we found each other. I hold men to a very high standard thanks to my Dad.

I'm grateful for Nick & Nate & all the other examples of Fathers that I have in my life. Fathers have such a profound influence on their children's lives, and I am blessed to have a worthy Priesthood holder in my home to celebrate on this special day!!!

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