Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 23


Monday ~ Liz & Liberty & Jacob came over tonight to swim.  After we ate & swam, we went over to Curt’s so Jacob could see the goats & chickens & puppies.  Both he & Liz fell in love w/ this cute little kitty.  Animals are fun!

Tuesday ~ Sis. Mannewitz had Autumn & I come over tonight b/c she had a bunch of clothes to give me that don’t fit her.  I left w/ a huge armful of clothes!  This was the gorgeous fiery sunset we got to enjoy on our drive home.  We are so blessed w/ so much!

Wednesday ~ Today at work one of our former employees brought us lunch b/c of all the leads we’ve sent his way.  He brought us Aboca’s, which is one of my favorite restaurants!  Tonight for our YW activity the girls passed off their swimming certification for camp.  This big tree had hot pink fuzzies all over it, and I’ve never seen one like it before.

Thursday ~ I can’t believe today is the last day of school!  It seems like Ben & Autumn just started Kindergarten and now it’s over.  We had Ben & his family over to swim and eat and celebrate the start of summer.  It was windy and cool after we got out, so we went and sat in the sunlight on the driveway to warm up while we ate our popsicles.

Friday ~ I finally mowed the lawn tonight b/c it was out of control.  At 8:00, Sis. Lee & I went around and decorated the doors of the 3 girls that are graduating tonight.  She is so incredibly thoughtful, especially since she has so many other things going on.  She took the time to make the girls feel special.

Saturday ~ Autumn & I went to Mom & Dad’s house this morning and I mowed the lawn and then Liz & Lib & Jacob came over to swim and play.  Autumn & I treated ourselves to Napoli’s for doing a good job of taking care of things while Mom & Dad were gone.  Then we went out to the baseball stadium to watch Despicable Me on the big screen and lay out on the field w/ our blanket & pillows.  It was so much fun to be w/ my Autumn Girl.

Sunday ~ I did a few loads of Autumn’s laundry the other day & her room was getting out of control w/ clutter.  So, we tackled the mess and cleaned out her closet and packed away things that are too small or that she doesn’t wear to make room.  It was a lot of work & we were both so pooped out & relieved when it was done.  I love this before & after shot.

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Jen T said...

Way to go on the room cleanup! I can't believe your kids are just getting out of school. Our kids have been out over a month! Hope Autumn enjoys her summer! Your night out at the baseball stadium to watch a movie sounds fun! Also, decorating the YW doors is such a cute idea! Have a great week!

packmom said...

What and amazing sunset! How fun to decorate the doors of graduates. I bet they loved it.