Saturday, December 12, 2015

3 Parties

 Autumn & I got up this morning so we could go to the "Breakfast With Santa" event at her daycare. She wanted to dress up as Mrs. Claus again. They had pancakes, bacon, and Grinch skewers. I'll have to post her picture w/ Santa once they email them to us.
While we waited for Nate, Riannon, & Olivia to get there Autumn went and did a craft where she made a cute wreath made out of a paper plate, tissue paper, and pom pom balls.
 I think Nate ate at least 3 plates FULL Of bacon. This is his "I'm so excited" face.
 What a cute little family!
 After we had our fill of breakfast, Autumn & I stopped at WalMart to buy 5 dozen eggs. Then we went over to Nate & Riannon's to make 2 big batches of Mom's famous deviled eggs. Nate & I made a good team and got the eggs done as fast as possible. They aren't hard to make, they're just time consuming. Mom would be proud of how they looked and tasted.
 Autumn & I came home, I cooked 2 pounds of bacon for the ward party tonight, and then I got cleaned up. This year at the ward party they had breakfast for dinner and invited people to come wearing modest pajamas if they wanted to. It was fun to sit at the table w/ Liz, Liberty, Donna and her family, and Nick. We were only there for an hour b/c I had to drop Nick & Autumn off at home before I went to my 3rd party of the day.
 It was the annual white elephant gift party. Britt's MASSIVE head on a stick was probably the funniest gift of the night.
 Nate & Riannon ended up w/ the cutest gift of the night.
 The craziest gift of the night was this live POSSUM that Curt brought. He's known for bringing live animals (in 2008 he brought a goat that ended up going home w/ us and then had 2 babies in the spring). It's funny b/c our group of friends sat in our usual corner of the room & knew which bag it was in. It didn't get picked until the last part of the night, and Curt's daughter in law is the one that picked it! LOL! Nate had gone over earlier in the day to help Curt put a harness on it. When it was pulled out of the bag it "played possum" and looked like it was dead. It was even drooling! Nate took it outside and let it go. What a fun & memorable white elephant party!!!

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