Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 37

IMG_7001 On a few of my pictures this week I went outside of my usual (pics of the family and what’s happening at home) and included some current events.

Monday ~ I had a super stressful day at work, and this was such a great way to dissipate that stress.  This tough biker guy had a Barbie strapped to the back of his motorcycle, and it looked like she was holding onto him.  It made me literally laugh out loud.  I also like how I happened to get the price of gas in the background.  That will be fun to look back on in years from now.

Tuesday ~ It was the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 and I saw this picture floating around on Facebook and a few blogs.  I really liked how it included so many iconic things and also represented 9/11.  I added the white text that says, “We will never forget, even 11 years later!”

Wednesday ~ I had to pause the TV and get a pic of this self portrait that the Curiosity rover on Mars took.  They compared it to Wall-E.  Technology is amazing and just blows me away.
(This pic is on the same day as Monday’s link)

Thursday ~ It was Dad’s 57th birthday today so Autumn & I got up bright and early to take doughnuts to him & his students at seminary.  Sis. Riggs made him this awesome chocolate candy cake.  Dad requested rouladen for his birthday dinner and homemade banana cream pie for his dessert.  It was so fun to celebrate him & his incredible life.

Friday ~ Autumn fell asleep after dinner tonight and it’s one of my favorite things to just hold her while she’s asleep.  It doesn’t happen very often, so I cherish getting to hold her and snuggle while she’s asleep.  She has the sweetest little face and longest eyelashes.

Saturday ~ This was a BUSY day.  I went shopping at Costco & WalMart to get stuff for the Single Adult dance tonight.  I love the football cake that Costco made.  We had a shrimp boil as a family & then Mimi & Papa & the grandkids went swimming in the hot tub.  I had to leave to go get ready for the dance.  It was a lot of work & I didn’t get home until 1 am, but it was a lot of fun.  I put a strip of football pendants on the left hand side of the picture that I had cut from some of the decorations.  It’s a fun reminder of the Fun Fall Football Dance theme we had going.

Sunday ~  We got in as much family time this morning as we could before everyone left for church.  Lexie & Jon had brought up Jackson’s dragon Halloween costume so we could see what he looked like.  He was ADORABLE and especially when his little dragon tail waved back and forth as he walked.  He was so snuggly w/ Mimi this weekend and she was LOVING it.

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packmom said...

Ha! Looks like you got a family photo in the pool too. Love the barbie on the back of the bike--glad it lightened your day a bit. Nice touch adding the football flags on the dance photo. Great week.

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Love your pictures this week! Biker-barbie is hilarious, and I love that comparison between Curiosity and Wall-E. That's so great to include it in your album; I might need to add a snippet in mine as well.

Cerise said...

Beautiful layout! Such a good idea to include current events in your album. I might have to remember that!

Jessica B said...

Looks like you had a great week!