Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 10

Monday ~ We had Ben & his family over for dinner tonight & decorated green cookies to take around and “pinch” people.  Autumn & I went to “pinch” Kylie & her family, and they caught us!  They went w/ us to “pinch” someone else, and we had so much fun!

Tuesday ~ Tonight when Autumn & I went over to Mom & Dad’s to let Emma Dog out to go potty, we noticed these pretty purple hyacinths on the back wall.  I LOVE this colorful cluster & also how good they smell.  I also love how each blossom looks like a firecracker starburst.

Wednesday ~ Tonight for our Young Women’s activity we went to the $1 Store and got treats to give to the Bishop & Stake President for their “must stash.”  They are at the church for meetings all the time & this way they have snacks to get them through any long stretches between meals.  It was so fun to take moustache pics.

Thursday ~ Tonight it was Autumn’s open house at school.  She was so proud to show me what she’s been working on.  She also earned points at home to get her first Book Fair book.  (I included the receipt in the pocket w/ the journaling pocket).  It was also Mary’s birthday so I got her some treats for all us gals & Karri surprised her at her college class since I was at a meeting.

Friday (same link as Saturday’s) ~ Nick & Autumn & I went to see the new Wizard of Oz move.  We got there early & were the only ones in the theater, so I let Autumn run up and down the aisle.  It was a good movie w/ cool special effects.  We came home & watched Rango (yuck) and Ever After (yay)!

Saturday ~ Mom texted me this pic of them in Utah.  They all went to the temple this morning w/ Rufio.  Craig & Melanie were there too, but aren’t in the picture.  This is such a NEAT picture & I hope to someday go to the temple w/ all my grown children and their spouses and know they’re all temple worthy.

Sunday ~ After church, Autumn & I went to the airport to pick up Mom & Dad.  We got there about 30 minutes early, so we rode the escalator up & down over and over and over.  Autumn was having so much fun & was laughing like crazy.  She’s so easily amused.  We’re glad Papa & Mimi are home safe & sound.

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Jen T said...

I love your layout. I am doing the Olive edition (for my 2007) and hadn't thought about doing all the same cards for a week--I like how it looks. What a great week and great photos! I also agree with your Saturday statement--how awesome to someday go to the temple with all my grown kids and their spouses--true heaven. Glad your mom and dad got to go! Have a great week!

packmom said...

I love that idea "must stash"--very clever.