Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 2


Monday ~ We had the Berrett’s over for dinner tonight to watch the college football championship game.  We had T bone steaks & spinach dip & deviled eggs & salad.  I was rooting for Notre Dame b/c of Manti Te’o.  But, they lost and Alabama won.  The best part was the good food & good company!

Tuesday ~ I had a coupon that expired today for a free Happy Meal, so Autumn & I went to McDonald’s for dinner.  I purposefully sat where she couldn’t see the TV so we could talk.  After we ate, we ended up laying games together on this computer/game console on the table.  She would play a round and then I would play a round.  We had a fun time together.

Wednesday ~ When we got to Mom & Dad’s tonight, a father & son from church were there having Dad help them w/ a Pinewood Derby car for Scouts.  Dad had these 3 old Pinewood Derby cars out on the table, and they were from when he was a kid!  I guess they were in Grandma & Grandpa’s basement & Grandpa sent them to Dad a few years ago.  How cool!

Thursday (same link as Wednesday) ~ Autumn was so tired tonight that she fell asleep on Mom’s lap after dinner.  We were sitting & talking when all of a sudden Mom let out a little yell.  I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt something warm on her leg.  Sure enough, Autumn had peed on her in her sleep!  She must be a deep sleeper like me.

Friday ~ Autumn had a major meltdown in Target tonight & even out in the parking lot.  When we got home, I put her right to bed.  Mom came over after she ran some errands & brought me a $1 sundae from McDonald’s.  We sat & talked until Nick got home from work at 10:30.  We went through the Jelly Belly’s & picked out our favorites.  Mine are pear & grapefruit.

Saturday ~ Dad surprised us this morning w/ a box of Lucky Charms cereal that we ate in Tupperware containers w/ a fork just for something different & fun.  He & Mom went to the local high school wrestling match & Autumn & I took down the Christmas tree and decorations.  Then Mom came over and we watched Little Shop of Horrors so Autumn will know the story line for the play on Thursday.  I got my Olive Edition of Project Life in the mail today!  WOOT WOOT!  I also chaperoned an 8 stake youth dance/fireside.  Brad Wilcox spoke and was so incredibly good!

Sunday ~ My One Little Word for 2013 is “IN”.  I am also going to use this scripture (D&C 87:8) as my verse this year, which is great b/c it’s also the youth theme for the year.  I taught about Heavenly Father w/ the new curriculum in Young Women’s today and just sobbed uncontrollably b/c I felt how much Heavenly Father loves these girls.  It was a very sweet experience.

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suetrav said...

Loved reading about your week - especially Saturday with the Lucky Charms. How fun!!

Cerise said...

That is so cool that your dad kept his old pinewood derby cars. What a neat thing to have.