Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 50

IMG_8417 Monday ~ Autumn was so excited this morning when we went outside to get in the car to go to school.  There was a slight skiff of snow on the flowerbeds & roofs of the houses.  I tell her all the time to wear a coat b/c it’s cold, but she doesn’t like how bulky it is when she’s in her car seat.

Tuesday (same as the link for Monday) ~ Autumn always likes to take my phone so she can find songs to play for us to dance to.  She always gets to be the girl & I’m always the boy.  She has me spin her & dip her.  Since it’s the holidays Mom had these reindeer headbands & Autumn wanted to wear them while we danced.

Wednesday ~ Happy 12/12/12 at 12:12.  Today was a special day b/c it’s 12/12/12 and that won’t happen for another one hundred years.  Some people celebrated the day by eating things that come in dozens like eggs or doughnuts.  I was at work so I just took a pic of my computer calendar/clock.

Thursday ~ Sis. Wright made these gingerbread trains for her scouts & made an extra one for Mom to do w/ Autumn!  She is so incredibly thoughtful.  Mom didn’t want to do it, so I helped Autumn.  It was fun, but no something I would go out & do on my own.  I think it’s a waste of money & good candy.

Friday ~ Tonight was our ward Christmas party.  The Elders Quorum was in charge & they did a great job.  At the end, Santa came to visit.  I love that Santa was looking at Autumn’s sparkly shoes w/ her.  When she got off the stage I asked what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas.  Without skipping a beat she said, “a computer.”  I told her that is NOT going to happen!

Saturday ~ Tonight was the big annual white elephant party at the Berrett’s.  I put together this big 16x20 collage of the past 2 years of Britt & Virginia.  She’s worn the same Christmas sweater all 3 years!  I love the fun & friendly banter those 2 have.

Sunday ~ Today was Mom & Dad’s big ward party.  They were going to do chips & sandwiches for the meal & Mom said NO WAY!  She did ham, yum yum potatoes, chips, rolls, & veggies.  So, she & I made TWELVE pans of potatoes!  Dad was joking around & got Autumn to salute Mimi whenever she told Dad & Autumn to do something like take stuff out to the truck.  The party ended up being great, but it was so stressful & A LOT of work!  Someone brought the most amazing cheesecake w/ pecans & caramel sauce, so that made the whole stress worth it.  I hope Mom’s not in charge of the food next year!

honeyblush I am SO TORN over what to do for my Project Life core kit for this year.  I planned on buying the Olive edition, but then when Becky shared all those new kits on Facebook, I wanted to use one of those instead, b/c I’m honestly not 100% in love w/ the Olive edition, but I preferred it over the Seafoam edition.  However, I don’t want to wait until May to get one of the new core kits b/c the year’s almost 1/2 over by that point.  And, I can’t switch 1/2 way through the year if I do end up getting one of the new core kits b/c that doesn’t jive w/ my OCD of having things match and be the same.  So, I guess I’ll just have to stick w/ the Olive kit and use the others for next year or go back and do years past.  What are y’all doing?

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Cerise said...

Love the gingerbread train. How fun!!
I don't buy the kits yet, I'm trying to use up old scrapbooking supplies. So nothing is the same...and my pages are rarely cohesive. I LOVE some of those new kits coming out though.
I would pick a current kit that coordinates well with the kit your want in May. That way you can have both. :o)

Melissa said...

I switched to digital because I tried the core kit last year and didn't even make it half the year. I'm using Seafoam this year but I too love all the new options that are coming out in May. It's a tough choice! Maybe just make notes and then rewrite onto the journaling cards when the new kits come out?