Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 3

P1090035One of the MANY reasons I ♥ Project Life is b/c of how fast & easy it is to do!  I hadn’t printed off all my pictures for this week, but I had the journaling done.  So, I got my pictures printed at a WalMart near my work, went and picked them up, cropped the corners, stuck them in the pages, and I was done!  How much easier could it be to complete a full week’s spread (plus an Design C insert) on my lunch break?  I didn’t have my nice camera w/ me and couldn’t find any good lighting, which is why the colors on this picture are wonky.  But it’s better than nothing!

Monday ~ It’s Curt’s birthday today!  He & Mary came over so Dad could look at Mary’s sore throat and write her a prescription.  Autumn told Curt it’s HER birthday on Thursday & he gave her five $1 bills!  We gave him a $1 million chocolate bar in return.  We love Uncle Curt!

Tuesday ~ Autumn gets to bring home a new book once a week from the library at school.  She read one of her easy reader assignments, and then as a reward, I read to her.  We love these Fancy Nancy books!

Wednesday ~ We love Emma dog so much.  I love how she sticks out the little tip of her tongue ever since she had her rotten teeth removed.  She’s such a normal part of our every day lives.

P1090037Instead of putting a journaling card like usual in the spot for Thursday, I cut out a piece of Autumn’s wrapping paper on her birthday presents.  I know the blue doesn’t match this week at all, but that’s how I wanted it…I wanted it to stand out and catch your eye, b/c it was a special day.  I did a Design C insert to include more pics of her special day.  I also slipped in a tag from the cute purple outfit that she got.

Thursday ~ My baby girl turned 6 years old today!  Papa & Mimi gave her this beautiful purple dress last night so she could look lovely today.  I took off of work early & Mom & I took Little Debbie cakes & Capri Suns & balloons to her class.  It’s her teacher’s birthday tomorrow, so we sang happy birthday to both of them.  I’m glad we could make Autumn feel special in front of her classmates on her special day.  We went to Mom & Dad’s house to get some birthday pictures.  I am so lucky that she’s my baby girl & love bug!  She wanted to go to Cheddar’s for dinner.  While we waited for our food, we opened gifts from Papa & Mimi.

P1090038Autumn LOVES these croissants.  When she was little (and even up until last year) she would call them “egg rolls.”"  After dinner, Liz came over to Mom &D ad’s house and we all went to the local high school to see the play Little Shop of Horrors.  We got there a little early & as we were walking in, the director offered to take Autumn backstage so she could meet Audrey the Plant & not be scared of it during the play!  That was so nice of her to do and Autumn thought she was hot stuff.  Gracie was in the chorus and did a great job.  The whole thing was so well done & so much better than the movie.  Bo was PHENOMENAL as Seymour!  It was a great day to celebrate Miss Autumn Bottom.  She’s my GREATEST BLESSING!

Friday ~ Autumn got this cute crafting/bead set from Papa & Mimi, so tonight after dinner she sat on the couch w/ Mimi and made these sweet bracelets.  She has such a unique fashion sense & I love her all the more for it.

Saturday ~ Today we had our annual pool dip b/c this was the 1st Saturday that Dad had off.  It was 60* outside, but the water was only 39*!!!  Thank goodness we have the warm hot tub to get into.  FUN! FUN! FUN!
(I took a LOT of pictures this day, but was able to fit my 4 most favorite into one spot by doing a collage in Picasa.  I also included a tag from Autumn’s new swimsuit in the pocket w/ the journaling card).

Sunday ~ I taught Autumn how to swat at each other while we were wrestling & it ended up back firing one me b/c she had sharp little fingernails & scratched me really badly.  If anyone asks what happened, I can blame it on a cat.  LOL!

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Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

What a pretty kit. I hadn't seen this one in use before. Lovely pages!

Cerise said...

Love all the birthday pictures. Looks like she had a great one.

suetrav said...

Love all the birthday photos. Six is such a great age - wish I could go back with my teenager some days - lol!! I totally agree with you on how fast and easy PL can be - that is what makes it awesome.