Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 4

IMG_8614 Monday ~ Today was rather a historic day.  It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day & President Barak Obama had his 2nd Inauguration today.  I don’t care for the way Pres. Obama has run the country the last 4 years, but I still pray for him as the leader of our country.  It’s neat that MLK’s dream was brought about today in the same place he made his famous speech.
(I just googled Obama & MLK and found a picture that I liked the best)

Tuesday ~ I love it when Mom makes wonton salad!  The best part is the sugary dressing.  We didn’t want the crispy wontons to get soggy b/c we were saving some for Dad when he got home from work.  So, we just made our own little portions in a glass bowl.  It’s so simple, but it tastes so incredibly good!!!

Wednesday ~ I have been wearing these house slippers (copati in Slovene) all winter long when we get home in the evenings.  I love them b/c they remind me of Slovenija.  Everyone there has multiple pairs by their front door & everyone puts on a pair when the come in, even in the summertime when it’s hot.  The gray ones are my favorite and I’ve worn holes in them from wearing them so much.

Thursday ~ Tonight we went bowling at Main Even w/ Aunt Sandy & Charles (he’s here visiting his sister who lives in Mom & Dad’s ward).  He is a very special spirit & we’re so glad he came and we got to spend time w/ him.  It was a lot of fun & I even got a turkey (3 strikes in a row).  My nails looked so cool under the black lights.
(I included my wrist bracelet in the journaling pocket)

Friday ~ Double Divas is one of my favorite “guilty pleasure” shows to watch.  It’s about 2 friends (Molly & Cynthia) that own a lingerie shop in Georgia.  They’re so sassy & straight forward & loving & non-judgmental.  They remind me a lot of Tara & me.  I would LOVE to go have them fit me for a bra someday.

Saturday ~ Mom got these puzzles at the store & we spent most of Friday evening (and ALL day today) putting them together.  I liked the one on the left the most b/c it was only 550 pieces and was colorful & went together fast.  The one on the rigt was hard b/c it didn’t match what was on the box.  It was a “what happens next” type of puzzle.  I’ll spend all my nursing home days when I’m old doing puzzles.

Sunday ~ Autumn had 2 grown up things happen today.  Her front 2 teeth are really loose & Papa tried tugging on one to see if it would come out, but it wasn’t quite ready yet.  Autumn & I were wrestling around tonight & all of a sudden she let out a little yell of surprise b/c her tooth had come out!  She also paid tithing for the first time today.  So grown up!
(I included the carbon copy of her tithing slip b/c it has her adorable handwriting on it and how much she paid).

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Jen T said...

What a fun week! Love your layout. I am LDS too.

suetrav said...

Your weeks are always so busy and fun :) Cute idea to include her tithing slip on the layout. Can you post a recipe for the salad?

Cerise said...

My eldest son and I love doing puzzles too. It's such a nice relaxing thing to do.