Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 5

IMG_8615-001Monday ~ Today at work my boss came back from lunch w/ a bunch of snacks & treats.  He had me refill the cabinets and organize them.  It’s funny, but such a small thing like this gives the whole office such a morale boost.

Tuesday ~ Hotel Transylvania came out on DVD today, so Mom bought it.  I didn’t see it when it was in theaters, but wanted to.  So, I was excited to watch it.  It’s a cute movie and one that we’ll watch every year at Halloween as a tradition.

Wednesday ~ Autumn lost another tooth!  It was a bottom one, not the other top one like I thought.  Since she lost it while at school, the nurse sent it home w/ Autumn in this cute plastic tooth necklace.  The Tooth Fairy needs to get some more money at the rate Autumn’s losing teeth~

Thursday ~ I got my W2 in the mail and & how much I spent at daycare last year.  Those were the only forms I needed to do my taxes, so I went ahead and filled out all the info online and filed my taxes electronically today!  It’s SO NICE to have that “dog job” done & over.

Friday ~ WOO HOO!  Downton Abbey Season 3 came in the mail today.  I had pre-ordered it on, and Nick & I stayed up until 1:30 am watching the last 2 episodes (he hadn’t seen them yet, but I had back on Christmas Day when it came out in England).

Saturday ~ Charles came over today to eat pizza & watch movies & hang out w/ Nick.  Then Autumn & I went to the park to have a play date w/ Ben & his family.  We also finished her posterboard of 100 items (we used 100 pieces of washi tape) for her 100th day of school next week.  Papa pulled out her other top tooth tonight after dinner!

Sunday ~ Today was the Super Bowl and it was the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens, and the Ravens won 34 to 31.  Half of the lights went off in the stadium in the middle of the game!  Beyonce’s Half Time Show & a bunch of the commercials were way too racy to watch together as a family, which was a big disappointment.  Autumn had fun wrestling w/ Papa in her pink sparkly dress that I got at WalMart for just $2.48!
(I included the tag from the dress in the journaling slot).

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Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake! said...

I love that tooth necklace. Wish I had one of those. What a neat idea.

Jen T said...

I am also such a fan of Downton Abbey! So sad this season is over! Love your layout!