Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 13


Monday ~ Mary & Karri both have birthdays this month, so we went bowling to celebrate.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  We got a bunch of food & just shared it and sat and talked.  Our bowling names were Bird Legs, Lola, Deckinator, Hula Girl & Long Lashes.  I ♥ these ladies!
(I included my receipt from the bowling along w/ a business card in the journaling slot)

Tuesday ~ Spring has sprung!  I love these hot pink blossoms.  We saw our favorite garden lizard on the fence & he must have been mating b/c he kept sticking out his neck, which I’ve never seen him do before.  He got scared & turned brown when he climbed onto a branch.
(Same link as Saturday)

Wednesday ~ Tonight for our Young Women’s activity, we talked about faith & how it can be hard sometimes.  Then we made these Chia People out of nylons, grass seeds, dirt & a yogurt cup.  Mine is the hula girl in the middle.  I am excited to see how much the grass grows over the next few weeks.

Thursday ~ Ben’s family invited us over for dinner tonight to celebrate Easter week.  We ate on the ground & had pita bread, hummus, grapes, nuts, cheese, etc.  We also watched the church video of the Last Supper.  I love how great Deb is & that she invites and includes us.  It was a neat way to celebrate the Last Supper.

Friday ~ Autumn’s daycare had tickets to the hockey game for free tonight, so Autumn & I went.  She worked hard all week to earn enough points for a treat at the hockey game.  She chose nachos & a drink.  It cost $7, but was so worth her earning it!

Saturday ~ Autumn & I did chores & errands & went on a walk around Papa & Mimi’s neighborhood.  Mom & Dad got home from the Book of Mormon Pageant & Autumn thought Papa looked so weird w/ his beard colored dark.  That night we went to the Young Women’s General Broadcast & then over to Sis. Lee’s for an ice cream social.

Sunday ~ We had a great Easter Sunday.  Autumn wore this pretty smocked yellow dress.  We did an FHE w/ Mom & Dad using the 12 plastic eggs filled w/ different symbols of Easter in them.  Mom made this baby bassinet that turns into a purse!
(My journaling card for Sunday is behind the picture of the resurrected Savior talking to Mary at the tomb.  It’s a pass along card that I trimmed down to fit into the journaling slot.  I really like how it stands out from the other journaling cards that week, b/c it’s a special day).

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Jen T said...

What a great Easter week! Love your YW project! How fun! Autumn looks so pretty in her Easter dress! Have a great week!

packmom said...

Beautiful Easter dress. I miss not having a girl to dress for Easter. Boys clothes are so boring. Great week!