Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Life Tuesday 2014 ~ Week 03


Monday ~ Tonight for Family Home Evening we talked about using good prayer words like Thee, Thou, Thy, and Thine.  When Autumn read me this book tonight, she asked what an encyclopedia is.  I told her it’s like Google but in book form.  LOL!  Kids these days!  I love this “essence of childhood” pic of her w/ her doing her Rainbow Loom on the ground w/ her blanket & pillow pet.

Tuesday ~ Liz texted me while I was at work to see if Autumn & I wanted to come over for dinner tonight.  She had made too much food.  We were more than happy to help her out.  She had made rice & southwest eggrolls.  It was so good, but the best part was being there w/ them and talking.  I am so thankful for them & their friendship.

Wednesday ~ For our activity tonight we combined w/ the Priests & had the 2 missionaries in our ward come talk to us.  We sat in a big circle & each asked them one question.  It was so great & the Spirit was so strong!  At the end of the activity, they had us all kneel down for the prayer.  I am so thankful that I was able to serve a mission & share the Gospel.

Thursday ~ Tonight at dinner Nick & I started to laugh b/c both Mom & Dad were on their cell phones, which isn’t allowed at the dinner table according to their rules.  Mom was talking to Aunt Jana & Dad was talking to work, but we still had to razz them about it when they hung up.  I told them the roles are reversing & they’re the kids & we’re like the parents!

Friday ~ Today was Autumn’s 7th birthday, so I included my favorite pic of her from the day & used this pink birthday girl card to make it stand out on the page.  I have a Design C insert below w/ more pics from her birthday.

Saturday ~ Autumn was so excited to open her birthday card from Great Grandma Ruth, b/c she got seven $1 bills!  I love it that Rufio is so good about remembering her grandkids’ & great grandkids’ birthdays.  I was telling Autumn about how she should pay tithing on her birthday & Christmas money.  I told her it’s always best to pay tithing first & then save the rest.

Sunday ~ The Berrett’s came over for Sunday dinner tonight.  In this pic they are all yelling, “hip, hip, horray” for Mom making such a nice meal.  After dinner, we watched the 2 NFL playoff games.  Mom was glad the Broncos won b/c of Payton Manning & Landon (Kelsey’s husband) is a huge Seahawks fan & is glad they won.  Yay for good food, friends & football. 
(It’s funny posting this since the Broncos got beat in the Superbowl on Sunday)

IMG_1320I am so glad that we got to celebrate Autumn Bottom today!  It’s hard to believe that she’s already 7 years old.  We had Eggo waffles & Blue Bell strawberry ice cream for breakfast, since that is what she wanted.  Autumn’s teacher said we can’t come in the classroom to celebrate birthdays, but I was able to send treats in Autumn’s backpack for her to share w/ her classmates during snack time.  Then Papa & Mimi & I took balloons, treats & drinks to her daycare to surprise her at 3:30.  She was GLOWING while we sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  After that, we went over to Dakin’s to babysit while their Mom & Dad had a night away.  We had a dance party, ate pizza for dinner, watched a movie, & Autumn colored her bag they gave her.  It was a fun day & I’m so thankful I get to be her mother!

IMG_1322We got up at 6:30 this morning and partied all day long.  We had breakfast, watched TV, drove remote control cars around the neighborhood, and then went to the park.  It was cold & windy but we still had fun running around & playing.  We walked over to the pond to see the ducks and then went to McDonald’s at 11:00 for lunch.  They loved playing on the computer games there & the playground.  Dakins got home at 1:00, and Autumn & I went over to Papa & Mim’s after running some errands.  For her birthday dinner Autumn requested broccoli, grilled cheese sandwiches, & tater tots w/ pink sauce.  She got spoiled w/ lots of birthday presents.

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Jen T said...

What a fun birthday for that cute girl!! Glad she had a good day! Love your extra inserts for her birthday. Glad you are doing well! Have a great week!

Craftcherry said...

Happy Birthday to Autumn! That breakfast sounds awesome!
My grandmother was always good about telling us how to divide money we received. I really wish I had listened better.

packmom said...

Too funny about your parents being on the phone at the dinner table. Total role reversal. Looks like Autumn had a super birthday which is wonderful.

lisaplus6 said...

the more I took in the pictures, the more I smiled! Happy Belated Birthday to that sweet girl! I also love your repitition in design... lovely!