Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Pool Dip 2016

 It was nice to sleep in this morning, especially since I've got a cough & sore throat that have been making it hard to get a good nights sleep. I had a nail appointment at 10:00, and then we went over to Mom & Dad's house so we could help Mom get ready for the Annual New Year's Pool Dip. You can't really tell in this picture, but we had a HUGE & DELICIOUS spread of food.

2007 (2008 01 05 (dead rat in pool)
2008 12 30 (hairpiece & karaoke)
2009 12 30  (lots of little kids this year)
2010 12 30 (the diving board broke)
2011 12 31 (exchange student from Spain)
2012 (we didn't have on this year b/c of Dad's work schedule)
2013 01 19 (4 January birthday celebrations)
2014 01 01 (Dad's Papa card got revoked for using Jackson as a human shield)
2015 01 01 (Nate & Riannon cheated and wore wet suits) 

 Nate's good friend, Ben, from high school stopped by b/c his son was sick and Dad was taking a look at him. It was a fun reunion for Nate & Ben to be back together again.

 Maggie also stopped by to drop off some salsa, and we're so glad she stayed to eat with us.

 The water was still cold this year, but it wasn't as bad as it has been in years past. At least it was sunny & warm outside today as opposed to the year it snowed and we made snow angels!!! Dad decided to do a flip off the board and all of us in the hot tub got splashed w/ freezing cold water. My facial expression and hair flying through the air crack me up!

Here was our brave crew that jumped in the pool this year. The younger kids were crazy and jumped in at least 3 different times!

After everyone had jumped in, it was time for the white elephant gifts. Nick got some 8-track tapes. LOL! I actually got a good one of a nice candle.

Dad's been dying to try out this "salt gun" that he gave Mom for Christmas. You fill it with regular old table salt & then the idea is that you shoot it at flies or wasps outside and it kills them. Nate wanted to see what it felt like, so he had Riannon shoot him. Isn't this picture backwards ... the cop is the one giving the gun to someone and telling him to shoot him in the back? LOL! I wanted to see what it felt like, too. It HURT!!!

Dad & Uncle Robert were in the kitchen talking and I seized the opportunity to get a picture of them. You can definitely tell they're related. We were talking about how it's a miracle that any of them lived to adulthood w/ all the crazy stuff they lived through as kids!!! That brought a good & genuine laugh/smile out of them.

The Short Girl's Club. Autumn will most likely be taller than all 3 of them by this time next year. After everyone left we vegged on the couch and watched football. Then Autumn & I left to meet up w/ the missionaries for dinner. We were going to go to Subway, but it was closed. So, we ended up going to the same BBQ place we went to last time. I usually can't feed the missionaries b/c I work until 5, but no one had signed up to feed them tonight so Autumn & I did.

We came back to Mom & Dad's house to hang out and count down to the new year. Nick was working, so we had to wait for him to get home. Autumn & I went and laid on Mom & Dad's bed and watched Harry Potter until Nick got home. We didn't even wait for a normal time to count down. As soon as he had changed his clothes we counted down, "clinked" glasses, drank our sparkling apple cider and wished each other a Happy New Year.

We usually drink our sparkling apple cider in fancy crystal glasses. But none of us wanted to wash them. So, we decided to drink out of red solo cups in honor of the man who invented them. His name was Robert Leo Hulseman and he passed away on December 21st this year.

Autumn & I were at home & in bed when 2017 officially began.

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Jen T said...

Looks like a fun time! Fun pool party but I think I would opt out :) Glad you had a fun new years! We were in bed before 2017 too. Just too tired. Hope 2017 is a great year for you!!