Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 52 and Week 1

IMG_8568Y’all are in luck…I’m sharing 2 spreads this post!  I wanted to start w/ the 1st week of 2013, and then do the last week of 2012 on this post.  It’s always more fun to start w/ new things.  I don’t know if the white balance is off on my camera, but the colors on this turned out really wonky.  The yellow looking flowers are more of an olive color in real life, but I didn’t have time to shoot this in different light.  I’ll try to see if I can get the colors looking better next week.  I really like how feminine the Olive Edition is.

 Monday ~ This was technically the last day of 2012, but I included this week b/c I figure years from now if my kids and grandkids are looking through my binders, they will be flipping through them one after another.  Plus, I start my weeks on Mondays in my binders and it doesn’t bother me at all to have New Year’s Eve in my 2013 book. 

Aunt Jana, Mom, & I spent THREE hours in the kitchen cooking scrapple, cream cheese bread, egg rolls, fried rice, sweet & sour sauce.  We rang in the New Year at 9:30 pm and had our sparkling grape juice in plastic cups.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday ~ I saw this floating around on Pinterest & I LOVE it!  this is the reason I do Project Life every day.  I love documenting the good & bad & everyday things.  I come from a long line of documenters & am looking forward to 2013.

Wednesday ~ I definitely want to spend more quality & one-on-one time w/ Autumn.  i got out a game for us to play instead of watching TV.  We played pick up sticks & she loved it.  I let her win a few times so she could get the hang of it.
(There is no link for this day b/c it’s the same as Tuesday)

Thursday ~ Tonight after school we got out this felt sandwich kit that Autumn got for Christmas.  It’s a good learning tool b/c you have to line up the ingredients by type & then I gave her an order for a sandwich and had her make it for me.

Friday ~ Autumn has had a really rude & sassy mouth lately.  So, we went on a Mommy/Daughter date tonight to talk and spend time together.  I let her pick & she wanted Chinese noodles.  There wasn’t a whole lot of talking on her end b/c she was busy slurping noodles.  She was hungry!  I’m glad we had that time together, though.  I included the receipt in the journaling pocket.

Saturday ~ We spent most of the day at Mom & Dad’s house.  We helped Mom pick out a dress to wear to Dad’s work party tonight.  Then we helped her take down the Christmas tree & ornaments.  Autumn vacuumed for the first time by herself and did a GREAT job!

Sunday ~ Lexie gave me these 3 quiet Church book files, so we printed them at WalMart & used them at church today.  After church instead of watching TV, we got out some of Mom’s old rubber stamps & had fun creating stories from the stamps.  Nick even got in on the stamping fun.

IMG_8571 Autumn is OBSESSED w/ rainbows, and even writes her name w/ rainbow colors which is great b/c she has 6 letters in her name to go w/ the 6 colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).  Anyways, I love it when she brings home artwork like this that she does.  I stuck it in an 8.5x11 page protector and put it in the middle of the 2 pages for this week.  It’s a fun sight to see for the 1st week of the year while looking through the binder.

IMG_8468Now that I’ve shared my first week of 2013, I wanted to also share the last week of 2012.  It was a big week, so I have 1 insert.

 Monday ~ Mom got our traditional Christmas Eve presents for us, which is always new pajamas so we look nice in pics on Christmas morning.  When I opened mine, I let out a scream & then tried not to cry!  She got me some red silky pajamas w/ a robe like I had when I was a little girl!  that was so thoughtful and amazing of her to do!

Tuesday ~ I didn’t do a 3x4 journaling card for this spot b/c it was Christmas Day.  I got this pass along card at Church and cut it down to fit in the pocket.  I like how it really stands out and puts the focus on Christ.  The picture for this day was of us all gathered around the table eating our traditional Christmas of scrapple.

Wednesday ~ It was still super cold outside & the roads were icy, so I went into work around 10:00.  The kids had lots of pent up energy, and to burn some of that off we had them play the Kinect Adventure game.  Poor Jackson kept wanting to play but they didn’t want him to b/c the Kinect scanner would think he was a player.  The first world problems of kids!

Thursday ~ Mom is INCREDIBLE!  We all went to McDonald’s for dinner & then she told Lexie she would take all 3 kids home and put them to bed so we could go see Les Miserables!  It was fabulous and Anne Hathaway did such a great job.  The acting gave it a whole different feel than the live or on stage performances.  I stuck the movie ticket stub in the journaling pocket.

Friday ~ Mom called while I was at work today & said Aunt Jana had called to say she booked her & Uncle Keith a same day ticket to come visit us for 5 days!  I was SO EXCITED b/c they are so much fun.  Lexie & I worked on a puzzle once the kids were asleep & Jana helped us finish it when they got here.

Saturday ~ We had fun today!  Mom & Dad & Jana & Keith went to see Les Mis, so we had our own fun and had pizza out at the fort in the backyard.  However, it was too cold and windy so we ate fast and came back in.  Mom & Jana went shopping later that evening and when they came back, Mom helped Jana & I dye our hair.  YAY for no more gray!

Sunday ~ This is how we spent most of our Sunday.  Autumn & I stayed home from church b/c she had a horrible hacking cough.  We did puzzles, watched football, ate good food, & just enjoyed being together.  Uncle Keith said our house is like being on a cruise b/c it’s so comfortable & laid back & fun.  I love that!

IMG_8471 For my insert, I used a Design C plastic and did 5 more Christmas Eve pictures on the front side and 5 Christmas Day pictures on the back.  Here’s what the journaling says in case anyone cares.

This morning Autumn & I weren’t feeling good so we stayed home this morning and relaxed and played board games like Candyland.  By afternoon we felt better, so we went to Mom & Dad’s and went on a walk/bike ride w/ the kids.  The pond in the neighborhood is dry as a bone!  While Dad was reading the Christmas story out of Luke 2, Jackson went and sat on his feet & Dad bounced him up and down.  Jackson was loving it.  It’s not Christmas Eve for Mom unless the Jones’s come and sing.  They all sing parts and it’s AMAZING and gives me goosebumps.  Here are the girls & boys in our new Christmas Eve jammies!

IMG_8472 The kids were good and slept in until 7:00.  We lined up youngest to oldest while Mom took pics & Dad did the video camera.  Autumn got this doll house, unicorn Dream Lite & kitchen Barbie from Santa.  Her stocking was also full.  After Santa gifts, we went to the tree to open our gifts to each other.  One of the most memorable gifts was this head massager.  It feels so good & sends tinglies all over.  Poor Autumn was so sick that she went and laid down on the floor while we were opening gifts!   It started snowing in the afternoon & we had a white Christmas by evening!  It was so pretty to look at.

IMG_8473I had a bunch of random papers that I had stuck into the back of my binder as the year went on.  So, instead of trying to somehow fit them into the weeks, I just put them in this big pocket page and called it good.  It’s such an ingenious & simple solution.  LOVE IT!

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suetrav said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :) Reading your pages I get nostalgic as my kids are older now and the days of Candyland and them wanting to craft with me are done. Awesome idea to just stick the extra pages in a pocket page and call it done - gotta love this whole Project Life thing :)

Cerise said...

That Olive Edition is really beautiful! I love Autumn's artwork that you added, so bright and fun!